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Prepare for the SAT by taking our Online Course.

The SAT is one of the basic requirements to apply to a US University and in some cases an important tool, along with the student's grade point average to obtain scholarships.

Although there are many Universities that are taking the "Test Optional option, that is, they no longer require the SAT on a mandatory basis, most, especially public Universities, request the SAT on a regular and mandatory basis.

For this it is important that students obtain a preparation for the SAT, a course where they know how to face the exam and know what type of questions and exercises they are going to face.

At USABECAS we have expanded our services to be able to offer students a Quality Online Preparation with one of the best Preparation courses for the SAT.

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This course contains everything the student will need to quickly improve their skills and confidence. Each course features a large number of Sample Questions for each Exam Section (Reading / Writing and Mathematics), mock exams, quizzes, and engaging videos recorded by exam preparation experts. In addition to the answer explanation videos, the Study Room will recommend videos of test topics and strategies that, based on your test performance, are most relevant to the student.

The course is taken online and there are different options depending on the student's need. From the option of 4 months to 12 months where the student can access the course 24/7 according to the planning of the date of presentation of their test.

Our plans for the courses are as follows:

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