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College Students

Personalized attention face to face with the student and their family, raising and analyzing their academic profile to work on the recommendation and selection of the best university options to apply.


We have our own database with which we provide students with a personalized list of universities that adapt to their profile.


We also work with the student in planning for the presentation of the standardized tests required by the North American educational system, such as the TOEFL, SAT / ACT, GRE or GMAT, searching for the necessary documentation and Scholarship opportunities according to the academic and financial profile. of each student and their family.


Personalized Counseling Hour

It is a 60-minute meeting via zoom where you can ask all the questions you want about your application process and clarify all doubts.

Soccer Game

Exploratory Meeting

It's a free 15-minute zoom meeting where we'll explain how we can help you according to your requirements and needs.

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