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College Students

Personalized attention face to face with the student and their family, raising and analyzing their academic profile to work on the recommendation and selection of the best university options to apply.


We have our own database with which we provide students with a personalized list of universities that adapt to their profile.


We also work with the student in planning for the presentation of the standardized tests required by the North American educational system, such as the TOEFL, SAT / ACT, GRE or GMAT, searching for the necessary documentation and Scholarship opportunities according to the academic and financial profile. of each student and their family.

Personalized Attention

  • Personalized face-to-face attention with the student and their family

  • Survey of the Student's Academic Profile


Search and Selection of Universities

  • Search for Universities that offer the career desired by the student in the required geographic area.

  • Search and recommendation of Admission and Scholarship opportunities .

  • Making a personalized list of universities to apply.

  • Advice on the selection and definition of the universities to apply.


Standardized Exams

  • Planning for taking the standardized tests required for admission (TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE)

  • Course to improve English

  • SAT Online Course.


Required documentation

  • Compilation of grades and / or Bachelor's or University Degree.

  • Elaboration of Academic Curriculum .

  • Advice on the selection of Letters of Recommendation.


Required essays

  • Ideas on how to carry out an essay.

  • Definition of common and specific essays for each university.

  • Advice on the preparation and review of trials.



  • Realization of online applications.

  • Review, completion and submission of applications.

  • Review and send with the student the applications, documentation and required exam notes.



  • Follow-up to sending documentation.

  • Follow-up in the admission process with the universities.



  • Obtaining admission and scholarship decisions at universities.

  • Advice on the final decision-making of the selected university.

  • Follow-up and help in the "Enrollment and Housing" process at the selected university.


Visa process

  • Help in obtaining the documentation required to apply for a Student Visa (Obtaining I-20)

  • Advice on the process of applying for a Student Visa before the embassy.


American Students or Residents

  • Advice on the preparation of the financial aid process (FAFSA).


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